Cambodia Inland Waterway Navigation
In the Second Cambodian Socio-Economic Development Plan 2001-2005 (SEDP II) it was issued that limitations in transport infrastructure are a major constraint on the country’s development potential.

Therefore, in 2003, the Government of Cambodia requested for project support to design a “Master Plan for Waterborne Transport on the Mekong River System in Cambodia”.

In 2004, the Belgian Technical Cooperation decided to support the Cambodian Ministry of Public Works and Transport in the design of this Master Plan, with the overall objective to reduce poverty in Cambodia through interventions in its under-utilised navigation sector by rehabilitating and improving the rural, domestic and international transport network using the Mekong River System in Cambodia.

In September 2006, the final report of the “Master Plan for Waterborne Transport on the Mekong River System in Cambodia” was delivered and in the action plan, it was stated that within the MPWT, a “Navigation Coordination Committee (NCC)” should be created as an authority that should resume all responsibilities to implement the actions of the designed Master Plan.

And one of these actions stated that within the MPWT Department of Inland Waterway Transport, a Statistical and Data Management Centre should be created to support planning and policy formulation and to provide daily services on a regional level for safe and efficient passage by inland and sea-going vessels on the Mekong River System.

This Web Site is one of the implementations of this action and we hope that all stakeholders in the Cambodian Mekong Navigation Transport Sector will benefit of the information, provided by this site.

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Buoy installation ceremony (Phnom Penh-Kampong Cham)
Buoy maintenance
Phnom Penh Autonomous Port
Siem Reap  Terminal

Senior Minister and Minister of Public Works & Transport

This Web Site has been established to disseminate Information about the Inland Navigation Activities on the Mekong River System in Cambodia. It is an essential Component of the Information System that is currently being initiated in the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

It is anticipated that this new Tool will bring together all Stakeholders involved in the Development of the Waterborne Transportation Sector on the Mekong River System in Cambodia